MBOX to NSF Converter

Integrated Solution to Import MBOX Files to NSF

  • Convert multiple MBOX to NSF (Lotus Notes).
  • Support to convert mailboxes from Thunderbird, Entourage, the Bat! , Mac Mail MBOX to Lotus Notes (NSF) file format.
  • Easily import MBOX into Lotus Notes including 9.0 and all other versions.

* Free MBOX to NSF Converter trial version convert first 10 messages from MBOX to Lotus Notes NSF files Format.

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  • Important Points Of MBOX To NSF Converter

    Export MBOX to Lotus Notes - High-end solution available for affordable price, which gets you a complete solution that helps to move data from MBOX to Lotus Notes NSF File Format. It is easy to use and anyone could execute without any problem. The program works well with all Windows OS platform. You can make use of the MBOX to NSF software in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc. It is a complete Windows supportive program, works well with both 64-32 Bit machine. Importing MBOX files to NSF has been made easier and simpler by this amazing solution, which is allowing you to batch import MBOX into NSF format, without any loss of data in between the procedure. This solution brings together the concept of advance technology and ease of use and incorporate them to provide you this program.

    Batch is the way to do it

    When you have large number of MBOX files, but not the time to convert them 1 by 1 into NSF format, you need is a batch migration solution which lets you export multiple MBOX files in a single procedure into NSF format, hence saving both time and labor in the process.

    Batch MBOX to NSF Conversion mode allows you to select all MBOX files at once and then convert them at once into NSF format. With use of this process you can save a lot of time. This method is very useful when you have large number of files, which are also heavy in size. Using this method you select them all at once and give the command to convert them.

    Here how it works:

    You can either Select all MBOX files using CTRL+A Command, or You can use CTRL+Click technique to choose selective MBOX files

    In both cases selection is done only once and the software converts them all at once into NSF format.

    NSF Splitting Option - While converting MBOX to NSF, the tool will offers an advance feature of splitting the NSF File output file by size. Use this option to split files by specifying the file size in MB or GB, at the time of MBOX files to NSF conversion.

    Notes: For each MBOX file there is a separate NSF file created.

    Layout is as important

    Every email comes with its own layout, now this layout could consist of many things like metadata properties, formatting and attachment files as well. While carrying our MBOX to NSF migration the software make sure to save this items accurately, so you get the same email interface.

    As already discussed, email layout are divided in 3 parts:

    Metadata propertied: To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Label, Important, Starred, Read/Unread, Date, Time, etc.

    Formatting: It is further divided in RTF, HTML and Plain View, all these are accurately saved. They consist of Font, Color, Size, Bold, etc.

    Attachments: Any additional files store with the emails are also exported by the MBOX to NSF Software from MBOX files into Lotus Notes. The attached files originality is maintained accurately by the program.

    (Original file format of the attachments are maintained)

    Ease of Use and Amazing Compatibility

    When you use the MBOX to NSF program, it will feel like that you already know how it works, the working of the program is that easy. The MBOX to Lotus Notes program share compatibility with multi platforms, making the work easier.

    No doubt the MBOX to NSF Converter software provides one of the easier user interface, which anyone could use and apply. No additional knowledge or expertise is needed. Including only 3 steps, it make the work quicker as well.

    1 - Just Select
    2 - Check
    3 - Convert and its done

    We have already established that all Windows OS are supported by the program, along that you can view the NSF file in any Lotus Notes Version you are using, without any failing.

    Supporting Multi MBOX Platform

    There are more than 20+ application that saves mailbox in MBOX format, which make this MBOX to NSF Converter software a more universal solution, as users from different platforms can use the software can save there MBOX files into Lotus Notes NSF format.

    There are more applications supporting MBOX format than any other file format, with this program you can import MBOX files into NSF format from any of the said application, so perform migration from Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Mulberry, EarthLink, Netscape, Thunderbird to Lotus Notes.

    Special Mention: For Apple Mail users to use this MBOX to NSF software, they first will require to have MBOX file transfer into a Windows OS then they can perform MBOX conversion from Apple Mail to Lotus Notes.

    Also there is no need to have any MBOX application install during the process, the MBOX to Lotus Notes Converter software does not require any additional application to work.

    Lotus Notes required for the Conversion

    This MBOX to NSF Converter is designed with the advance technology and support all the version of Lotus Notes.

    After MBOX to NSF conversion users can easily open and view converted NSF files into all the Lotus Notes versions like 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, etc. But Lotus Notes installations is required for the conversion of MBOX to NSF. To start the conversion make sure that Lotus Notes is properly installed and configured. Double click on Output NSF File to open it into Lotus Notes

    Note: Your machine must have installed with Lotus Notes

  • Guide to use MBOX to NSF tool

    Quick Steps for performing MBOX to NSF Conversion

    To start MBOX to NSF Lotus Notes migration, first install the software trial version and activate the demo license with the use of "Activation key and details".

    Step 1: Download. Install and launch the Outlook to PDF Converter on your Windows machine. Now simply click on “Browse file” option to select MBOX one by one or click on “Browse Folder” option to select folder having multiple MBOX files which you want to migrate:

    Add MBOX Mailbox

    Step 2: Now choose the destination folder to save the Output files, click on “Browse” and choose the location.

    Select Saving options

    Step 3: Now choose the split option, if you want to split converted files as par your requirement, then you can choose it from here. Select the size as per your requirement.

    Select Attachment options

    Step 4: Now click on Start button to start the conversion process

    Select location for output files

    Step 5: As the MBOX to NSF conversion process finished, an alert message will appear on your screen. Click on "Ok" to close the software.

    conversion done

  • Specification

    Version: 2.0

    Processor: Pentium Class

    Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

    MS Outlook: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002(XP), 2000

    Office 365 Support: Yes

    Memory: 1 GB Ram

    Hard Disk: 50 MB of Free Space

    Download Free MBOX to NSF Converter Demo

    MBOX to NSF Converter Demo Available: to give users a fair idea about the software entire working procedure, we encourage them to download the FREE Demo Edition of the MBOX Mails to NSF Converter software, to check out the procedure to import MBOX files into NSF format. MBOX to NSF Demo lets you export 25 mails from each MBOX into NSF format for free.

  • MBOX To NSF Tool: FAQs

    A: You can convert as many files into NSF format as you want at a time, there I no such limitation. The MBOX to NSF software is completely prepare for batch mode conversion process as well.

    A: Yes, Not a problem, you can easily convert MBOX files into NSF format, without knowing the email client, as there is no need to have any email client install for the conversion.

    A: Not much time is required by the MBOX to NSF Converter software, but at the same time it depends on the file size of MBOX files.

    A: No the MBOX to NSF software does not work with Mac OS platform. It is a complete Windows OS software.

    A: Yes, you can do that as well, the procedure is as follow:
    1 - First extract MBOX files from Mac Mail
    2 - Transfer them to a Windows OS Machine
    3 - Now you can use MBOX to NSF Converter can export MBOX Files to NSF format

    A: That choice is completely yours, you can install Lotus Notes any edition you want. NSF file can be imported in any Lotus Notes Edition.

    A: The error appears because Lotus Notes doesn't allow to import of MBOX file directly. For accessing MBOX on a Lotus Notes, first you need to convert all your MBOX files into supported format which is NSF format. The MBOX to NSF Converter would be the best program for fulfilling this requirement.

    All you need to browse the MBOX file and simply select a destination file for output NSF & you will get the NSF file, which can easily access into any Lotus Notes version. But make sure that while conversion process, Lotus Notes installation and configured is must. If you don't have Lotus Notes, you will prompt such error.


Steps for Saving multiple MBOX Mailboxes to Lotus Notes NSF file format by using MBOX to NSF converter tool. Here are some screenshots preview that help you to perform conversion.

Launch Software

Step 1: Select MBOX file or Files

Add Multiple MBOX Files

Step 2: Choose location to save them

Conversion Done

Step 3:Click on Convert to start it


Being a Mac users I found the task of switching email client very daunting, especially since I was going to switch to Windows OS, but thanks to this program, I easily got Apple Mail to Lotus Notes conversion done, in very lesser time.


There are not many solution, which I found at all useful for moving Thunderbird mailbox to Lotus Notes, but when I got my hand into MBOX to NSF Converter, all my problem vanished into the air, just like that.