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Quick Trick to Convert Batch Outlook PST to PDF

  • Active solution for users who are looking to save their Outlook email to PDF documents.
  • Now users can easily backup there PST emails as PDF and access them as required in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • There is no PST file size limitation applicable, Outlook to PDF Converter software support PST of all size. Very useful for Batch PST to PDF Conversion in large scale projects.

* Free trial version convert first 10 mails from PST files to Adobe PDF files Format.

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  • Important Points of Outlook to PDF Converter

    The PST to PDF File Exporter software comes with many attractive features, which make the process of converting Outlook Email to PDF very easy and simple. The Outlook to PDF Converter is loaded with batch feature, Windows OS compatibility and other such feature.

    Full Compatibility

    Outlook to PDF File Converter software works with all Windows Editions, supports PST from all Outlook Edition and users can read the converted PDF in all Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is an independent software.

    PST to PDF Migration Tool is known for providing amazing compatibility with all the necessary platforms can easily convert Outlook to Adobe PDF.

    Windows OS: The Outlook to PDF Exporter program works wonderfully with all Windows OS system without any problem, both 32-bit and 64-bit system are supported by the software easily.

    Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and below version

    Outlook Edition: All Outlook edition PST files are supported by the Outlook to PDF software, Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and below version. Both 32-bit and 64-bit supported.

    Outlook installation is not required to convert Outlook Folder to PDF.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader: You can read the PDF files in any Adobe version you have installed in your machine.

    No need to have Adobe Reader install at the time of Outlook to PDF conversion.

    Outlook Print to PDF with Attachments

    Emails are often accompany by attachment files, mostly they contain very important data and information related to the email. This Outlook to PST software effectively convert Outlook email to PDF with attachments and keep them with the emails.

    Convert Outlook Email to PDF with Attachments - The Outlook to PDF File Converter software maintains the original format of the attachments as it is. Means if the file is in Excel it is kept as Excel, Word in Word, Images as Images, etc.

    The PST to PDF Migration Tool automatically keeps the attachment embedded with the emails, so it is very easy for users to find the attach files.

    Get it to Outlook to PDF with all the attached files, which can be either embedded within the respective file or saved in a separate folder. Whichever option is chosen for saving attachments. The Outlook to PDF Converter software also provides the option of either saving each file as individual PDF files (individual PDF for individual mail) or saving all of them in one single PDF file (one PDF for all PST).

    Maintains Emails Layout

    Emails often comes with formatting or design, while carrying out the Outlook Email to PDF Conversion the software accurately maintains all that data, as it is. It does not make any changes to the original layout of the emails.

    All type of formatting – HTML, Plain Text and Rich-Text, all type of formatting are maintain accurately by the PST to PDF File Converter software.

    Formatting include, font, color, alignment, signature, etc. The Outlook to PDF File Converter software also take care of the Email Header Items – To, Cc, Bcc, Time, Date, etc.

    Multi File Conversion

    Users can convert as many files as they want. There is no limitation on how many PST files you have, you can convert them all into PDF format. The Outlook to PDF Converter software offers both single file conversion as well as multiple files conversion.

    Users can perform conversion in 2 ways, they can choose, whichever format they feel fulfills there requirements.

    By clicking on the Add… button, you can select the PST file for conversion you can use Shift+Click button to choose multiple files.

    You can also save all PST file in one folder and using the Add folder button… select and convert Outlook Folder to PDF file format. This method help save time and efforts.

    Each emails are saved in separate PDF file and no existing PDF files are overwrite in the process. So your data is completely save with this Outlook to PDF Migration Tool.

  • Guide of Outlook to PDF Converter

    How to save and batch print Outlook emails to PDF? Manually

    Know How to save and batch print Outlook emails to PDF? Manually

    1 - Open Outlook and select the e-mail you want to convert into PDF Format
    2 - Now Go to File->Print (or press Ctrl+P) and select the Printer section
    3 - Now In the Print style section choose between Table or Memo style:
    4 - Before generating the PDF file you can also modify the page by adjusting settings from the Settings button
    5 - Now Click on Print and simply choose the location where you would like to save the PDF

    Batch PST to PDF

    Note: Outlook to PDF Manual process will allow you to convert only one PST file messages into PDF format, for another file you need to repeat the whole manual process.

    Convert multiple Outlook PST Files to PDF

    Or use the PST to PDF Converter to save/convert multiple Outlook PST Files to PDF. Simply save all the Outlook PST files in one folder and add that folder to the software and start the Outlook PST to PDF conversion process, after converting Batch PST Files to PDF you can easily print them with your printer.

    To begin with PST to PDF migration, first install the demo version of software and activate the license by using the Activation key and details.

    Step 1: Download. Install and launch the Outlook to PDF Converter on your Windows machine. Now simply click on Browse file or Browse Folder to add Outlook PST Files that you want to convert:

    Add Outlook PST Mailbox

    Step 2: Select the Saving Preferences, Select “Save Separated PDF for Each Emails” to save separate PDF for each mails or Select “Save All Emails in Single PDF” to save all Outlook PST mails into single PDF file.

    Select Saving options

    Step 3: Select attachment save option – Select “Embed Attachments in PDF” if you want attachments embedded with PDF or Select “Save Attachment in Separated Folder” of you want attachments in separate folder.

    Select Attachment options

    Step 4: Now choose the destination where you want to save the output files:

    Select location for output files

    Step 5: As the conversion process finished, an alert pops up message will appear on the screen. Click "Ok" to close the software.

    conversion done

  • Specification

    Version: 2.0

    Processor: Pentium Class

    Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

    MS Outlook: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002(XP), 2000

    Office 365 Support: Yes

    Memory: 1 GB Ram

    Hard Disk: 50 MB of Free Space

    Download Free PST Outlook to PDF Exporter Demo

    Demo of Outlook to PDF Converter is provided for FREE of cost, you can download it right here, just by clicking on Demo Button and Convert PST Files to PDF Free Online. Demo is capable of converting 25 emails from Outlook email to the format of PDF from each PST files. This will make the process to convert Outlook Folder to PDF with attachments clear.

  • Outlook to PDF Exporter: FAQs

    A: That’s not a problem, Outlook installation is not required for Outlook to Adobe PDF conversion purpose. Without Outlook you can easily convert Outlook Email to PDF with attachments and other formatting.

    A: Yes, the PST Mails Outlook to PDF software keeps all the images from your emails as it is in PDF. Original image format also maintained.

    A: Yes, the Outlook to PDF software works all Windows OS platform, hence Windows 10 OS will also be supported by the PST to PDF Converter software.

    A: Yes, you can easily perform Outlook print to PDF with attachments and PST to PDF software let you easily Convert PST to PDF with attachments also retain the original format of the attachments and keep them embedded with the PDF documents, no worries there.

    A: Instruction to Save an Outlook emails as a PDF without Adobe Acrobat:

    • Open the Outlook and click on the message which you want to save.
    • Save messages as HTML format, then open it with word document format.
    • Now save that word document as PDF format

    There are so many users who wants to know that “How do you turn an email into PDF file?”. Use PST to PDF tool to turn Outlook PST Files into PDF format

    Try a third-party Outlook to PDF file converter.

    • Try a third-party Outlook to PDF file converter.
    • Save all the PST files into one folder and add that folder to PST to PDF Tool.
    • The Open converted PDF files and then easily print them without any problem.


Outlook to PDF Converter is an advanced software that helps their users to converts Outlook PST Emails/Mails to Adobe PDF file formats. Here are some screenshots preview that how tool works to perform conversion.

Select PST Files for PST to PDF Conversion

Step 1: Select PST file or folder of PST files

Browse the location to save output

Step 2: Choose the saving preference and attachments options

Start Outlook Mails to PDF Conversion

Step 3: Convert Outlook Email to PDF


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